About Leda Art Supply

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I first saw a Leda Art Supply product in High School. I had three friends called Maite, and two of them were into drawing. One of these two Maites liked the Leda mechanical pencils. Aside from leads, Leda has sketchbooks. I bought three last winter. I hope to add more Leda Products in the future as they become available. The colored lead is a nice detail. I do not know how the pencil sharpener for lead pencil works. Usually, I just draw in a surface to make the lead point sharp. This company was founded by a collage professor and an artist. Both were trying to make a perfect sketchbook. The name of the company is derived from the Leda, one of the many lovers of Jupiter. The logo of the swam alludes to Jupiter who took the form to woo Leda. The subject matter has popular among painters since the 1500s. The best known Leda painting is the one made by Leonardo Da Vinci.