About Van Aken

Van Aken is another brand that deals with polymer clay. Most of the clays on the market are polymer. They produce clays both for school and for artists. They have a wide collection of colors. Most of the modeling clays are nontoxic. This makes it safe for both young and old artists. All the clays are made in the US. They are produced in the North Charleston factory. The factory has the lab and the warehouse. The ingredients to make the clay are mostly gotten from the US. Only 10 percent are obtained from Japan and Korea. Their Plastilina, Claytoon and Protolina are oil based clay. Since the clays do not contain water, they can be molded over and over. The clays do not stick to the hands and fingers, except when warm. The Kato Polyclay is made with plastic and other hardening compounds. It is composed of plastic resins, mixed with plasticizers. When all the clays get completed, a sample is tested by the chemist to make certain the final result is uniformed. This assures quality control of all Van Aken clay products.