About American Crafts

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American crafts was founded in 1994. Originally they just made pens. Now, they do scrapbooking. It has some of the types of products that I needed for Artsy Sister. I was gathering these products to develop the sewing section. American crafts had what I needed as far as ribbons were concerned.

I also added other stuff to make scrapbooking possible. I thought it would be useful for people who are into that sort of thing. The title of the company itself refers to craft work produced by independent studio artists. They use traditional materials to make wood, glass or ceramics.

Around 1992, President Bush declared 1993 The Year of American Craft. As part of this declaration, he had Michael Monroe pick out 72 works of 70 American craftsmen. This collection was exhibited for 4 months in the National Museum of American Art around 1995. What does this have to do with the brand American Crafts?

Absolutely nothing. I just thought I would give you a little backstory behind the name. All that should matter is that this brand produces crafty stuff. This collection mainly has paper products, markers and glitter. You can also find a couple of sewing machines as well. It is my hope that find this product selection useful.