About Leisure Arts

Leisure Arts is a little bit of a jack of all trades. Mainly, they publish and distribute how to books. The books mainly focus on crafts, needlework and decorating. I decided to add a couple of their books to the Artsy Sister online store. Aside from books, they also sell actual crafting supplies. The company was founded in 1971. It was established in Libertyville, Illinois. The company then moved to Little Rock, Arkansas in 1977. As of 2014, this company belongs to the Comcast of all companies. The employees generate new book titles each year. They also produce DVDs and Webcast. Mostly, I chose them because I wanted to add something for those who like knitting. Knitting is an interesting craft I never acquired. Still, I do admire the talent. It is just a useful skill to have. So, if you are a skilled fellow or someone who wants to learn, this Leisure Craft collection will have something for you.