About Surfacebook

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Surfacebook is the laptop of choice for mangaka artists who like to draw on a PC. My brother uses it to produce quite the large variety of drawings. He also uses it professionally to make the banners for his other job. It is good both for photo editing and digital drawings. It comes with a stylus pen and everything to draw on the screen. I a bit of a paper person myself. Still, I prefer to use this Surfacebook to manage my website. My beautiful doll, Dollchan is showing you my computer. I got this Surfacebook for my birthdate. It has been a year and the computer still works dandy.

This is a computer that was made to last the ages. This is good, because I normally wait a long time before changing a computer. The last Microsoft computer I bought I used for like 8 years. It still works a bit, but I wanted a computer with a bigger screen. Also, my brother had gotten a new computer and I decided I wanted a new one. This is just basically the reasoning why I bought this Surface computer. It also has decent amount of ram, so it can handle plenty of complicated processes and the like. This is ideal for people who do video editing, or complicated, multi-layer photoshop images. The long and short of it is that I recommend the Surfacebook computer. This is why it is featured on this website.