About Day One

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This is just a collection of art supplies that have for the time being one day shipment. They come from many different brands. I hope you find them useful for your projects and whatnot. The first batch of products are going to be art supplies. I will then go down the list to add more products late. I want to keep them rather varied and affordable too. Most people when they ask for something, they want it now.

As such, it is useful that the art supplies I collected arrive rather quickly. There are still some cute things I want to add. As far as most art stores are concerned, I have a pretty big catalogue. Variety is the spice of life, as far as most things are concerned. I have been desiring to make some never art videos. It has been quite a while since I made them. Hopefully, you will find them entertaining.

I am going to get to this section when I get to it. To look for specific types of items, you can search through the tags. Each flavor of art supplies has their own unique tags relating to it. Just pick the type of product you want and off you go. You can also look through everything over the top. On the meantime, I am going to be making art videos.