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About Music Boxes

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I got tired of selling art supplies. So, I wanted to bring in new products into my roster. The first thing that came into my mind, believe it or not was music boxes. I used to enjoy them a lot when I was little and then again some when I was bigger. If the internet dies, only music boxes will remain. It is just a little something to give to your more nostalgic friend. The music boxes were gained in popularity around the 19th century. Before then, the music boxes were mainly a type of pocket watch accessory.

They went the way of the dodo when Vinyl records came into the picture. I was remembering one of those fellows looking at a vinyl disk, like it was some piece of alien technology. Give or take a couple of centuries, and we are going to be marveling about those little boxes. This is assuming that I am going to be around for that long. I am a bit of a optimist. Anyhow, if you are into those cute things, this collection is for you. The featured photo is one I painted. The problem is that the varnish sealed it tight and now I can’t open it.