About Raylinedo

Raylinedo is a somewhat new of a fabric brand. It was created in 2014. This date will seem much older in like 100 years. This is assuming that we are all still there by then. The fellow who created the brand likes to speak in first person a lot. The fellow chose an ant as its logo. The company is situated in Tianjin, China. So, this brand is 100 percent from China. The fabrics are mainly prints. They also sell buttons as well. I like buttons, and I thought we needed more variety. All in all, this brand bleeds into both the scrapbooking and the sewing trade. They also produce painting products art supplies as well. They are the only brand so far that has bothered to make a round and a heart shaped wrapped canvas. Those are nice shapes too that need proper representation. Aren’t we just all bored of the traditional square canvas? All in all, Raylinedo is a bit of a jack of all trades. I mainly like their buttons and patchwork fabrics. I am certain you will find something of use within this collection of Raylinedo products.