About Coats

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Coats is one of the largest manufacturers of cotton thread in the world. They are an important figure as far as American textile crafts is concerned. They are as of now situated in the UK. They have over 19,000 employees in about 50 countries in the world.  The company is about 200 years old. They have been combining talent and technology, to improve the development of threads as well as fabrics. The company started in Paisley, Scotland around the 1750s. Back then it was known as the Clack and Coats. Clark started developing a 3-ply cotton thread. It was a lot cheaper than silk. It came into the market around 1812.

In 1820s, James Coats made the Ferguslie Cotton Mill. They were a forerunner in the textile industry of Scotland. By the year 1912, Coats was one of the world largest companies in the world. They were third behind US Steel and Standard Oil. Like most companies, the turn of the century did not help coat much. The company changed hands around 2003. As of now, it is still focused on making cottons. They are also trying to make new products. This is just about everything worth known about Coats Cotton. I chose it because I am building a sewing section. Coats Cotton has the required variety. I hope you find this selection of Coats Cotton Products useful.