About Derwent

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I first discovered came in contact with a Derwent product in FIU. As usual, the University store was charging an arm and a leg for art supplies. I usually visited to see what was available and then shop elsewhere for what I needed. It was then when I saw a tin box of colors in the discount bind. The box was a Derwent Coloursoft 24 set. It had a nice array of color or should I say colour pencils. These colour pencils were quite different from the color pencils I normally used. For starters, the point did not break so easily. To keep my hand steady, I tend to stab at the pencil when drawing. Normal color pencils usually cannot handle this sort of abuse. This is were Derwent comes in. For being Coloursoft, the points were rather hard. I have been using the same tin box for more than 6 years. The only pencil I have maxed out is the black colour pencil. I have it worn down to just a couple of centimeters.

Derwent is one of the oldest pencil companies in the world. It was originally founded in 1832, in Cumbria, UK. However, Derwent’s roots are much older. During the 1500s, the forefathers of this company were harvesting graphite to make rudimentary pencils. The first official pencil was eventually developed in 1832. The first colour pencil was introduced in 1938. Derwent has its own pencil museum in the location of the original factory in Keswick. The company has diversified over the last century. Aside from pencil, Derwent deals in pens and soft pastels. I have not tried any of these other products, since I am still working with my colour pencils.