About Canon

 I first used Canon a couple of years ago. My previous camera had broken down a bit. My Canon was the second camera I used. My main issue with it was that it ate AA batteries like crazy. I suppose there have been some changes in the way this camera works. Anyhow, as far as my photography teacher is concerned the Canon brand is one of the best out there. She taught us how to use all its gimmicks. As for the camera itself, it is one of the oldest camera brands in Japan. It was founded in August 1937. The company is named after the Bodhisattva Guan Yin. In Japan this fellow is known as Kannon. She is known as a the Buddha saint with a 1000 eyes. It makes sense to name a camera company after Kannon. The company originally started making clones of the Leica cameras. All the old Canon cameras resemble Leica. It took a bit of a while, before they developed their own unique Canon Look.  Aside from this, they developed the first indirect X-Ray camera. They also made the first movie camera with zoom lens. As of now, Canon makes more than digital cameras. They also make printers, copiers and virtual reality headsets. As for Artsy Sister, I am just going to focus on the cameras. Photography by now is considered an art form. I hope you can find these Canon cameras useful for your artsy projects.