About Polaroid

Polaroid is one of the oldest photography companies in the world. When people say Polaroid, they know what you are talking about. They are one of the few that still traffics in real world photos. They are mostly known for their instant film cameras. The company was originally founded by Edwin H. Land. The company did its best till 1991. Everything went sour around 2001. It has been going bad for the last couple of years. Part of the issue is that film cameras have a hard time competing with digital cameras. Despite its ups and downs, Polaroid is still doing their own thing. I decided to feature it because I had used their cameras in the past. It is a bit of a nostalgia thing. They also fit into the craft aspect that I am developing for my website. Just because Polaroids have gone somewhat out of style, it doesn’t mean that people still don’t like them. Their designs alone are rather interesting. Aside from film cameras, Polaroid has some digital cameras, both big and really small too. I hope find this camera useful.    .