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I recently did a little short video featuring 4 pouring paintings. Normally, I would have done 4 different videos. Since the paintings where tied by the rainbow theme, I just did the video of the stuff together. I sped up some parts in order to make the video 20 minutes long. This is about 5 minutes per pouring video. Every so often, I like to try to make pouring videos. I just got a few canvases and something to hold up my cellphone. After I did the recording, we then took care of editing the video a bit. I tried...

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It has been a bit of sometime since I reviewed a video game. I used to do game reviews back in my old website. Anyhow… the overall point is that I wanted folks to be aware of Ender Lilies. It has been a long time since I actually had fun with a video game. I had a good feeling about it, when I saw it in the store. I ended up preordering it. The game has a bit of a Hollow Knight vibe over the surface. Still, when you play the game it is its own thing. I also did...

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  This stop motion is about sleepwalking, prophecies and dreams. I featured a funny dreaming sequence and a cute sleepwalking cycle. Este video de animación te enseña por qué nunca debes despertar a un sonámbulo. Pensé que sería una idea divertida para un video. También hice una secuencia de sueños. También hice que las muñecas interpretaran el sueño.

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Both the Pico de Gallo and the Ceviche utilize onions. So, if you have a lot of onions about, you can make these tasty snacks. I made a video tutorial of how to make both. They show the step by step instructions. The Pico De Gallo goes well with Quesadillas and you can add it as part of an ingredient for your Tacos. You can also just eat it with Tortilla chips. It is just a useful little add on. As for Ceviche, it is a type of appetizer or snack. It goes well with Moscato. Ceviche is usually made...

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I was in a bored type of mood and so I made these two drawings. I have been thinking of lowering my production line in Youtube. I have about 300 videos already. There is no need to go crazy uploading every little thing. If I come up with something amusing, I will then make the video. The first drawing video I made features a Jellyfish mermaid. By now, folks will have figured out how I like to do my anime drawings. I am like super good at drawing the torso. For me, the torso is the determining factor. If you...

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