Easter Bunny and Jellyfish Mermaid Drawings

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Easter Bunny and Jellyfish Mermaid Drawings

I was in a bored type of mood and so I made these two drawings. I have been thinking of lowering my production line in Youtube.

I have about 300 videos already. There is no need to go crazy uploading every little thing.

If I come up with something amusing, I will then make the video. The first drawing video I made features a Jellyfish mermaid.

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By now, folks will have figured out how I like to do my anime drawings.

I am like super good at drawing the torso. For me, the torso is the determining factor.

If you are drawing full body, you must always start with the torso. It determines the orientation of the rest of the frame.


I never did get into the whole drawing with figurines. The head and hair is usually the last thing that I draw.

As far as the mermaid drawings, I thought it would be silly to have a cute looking jellyfish that is also a mermaid.

Most folks just draw the traditional Disney mermaid. There are plenty of other marine creatures that can get the mermaid treatment.

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I might draw a different type of mermaid in the future. I am not going to tell you which type of mermaid. I want to keep you in suspense.

The other drawing is my Easter Bunny. I made the Easter Bunny an anime girl. She has the nice blue colors and everything.

I also worked hard on the colorful background. I am lately only bothering with holidays that have something of a mascot.

I then draw the mascot in anime girl style. I like drawing anime girls. It is like super easy for me.

I also tried to add some easter eggs in the background. I hope you find my Easter Bunny, both playful and cute.

I also made a video for the bunny girl as well. It is going to be embed here, like real soon. On the meantime, enjoy the final version of the drawing. I worked real hard on both of them.

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