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Today it seemed like a good a time as any to show you this nice drawing of mine. It features a maiden playing the Appalachian dulcimer. Most folks have heard of the Appalachian Mountains, not so much of the dulcimer. It is just one of those instruments that most folks are not even aware that it exists. Since drawing musical instruments is a bit of my thing at the moment, I made the effort to show you this instrument you probably know nothing about. This fretted string instrument is part of the zither family. It comes with either 3 or...

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The trombone is a common instrument, but not the most popular. It is usually used a bit as a gimmick. As far as horn instruments, the trumpet is the more popular instrument. Still, the trombone has a place in marching bands, and even in the opera. I think now I will mention something about this brass instrument’s past. The instrument uses slides in order to produce different pitches. The instrument was invented in the 15th century. The name trombone means big trumpet in Italian. Back then, it was known by many names till the word trombone became more commonplace in...

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