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I made a nice any drawing. This is based on a pretty bird called the Resplendent Quetzal. They are native to Chiapas, Mexico. There are two subspecies of this pretty bird. The bird is the inspiration of the plumage the god Quetzalcoatl. The bird is near threatened, but there are effort for preserving their habitat. A lot of humans love to do eco-tourism to see the bird going about its life. As for mythology, the bird feathers represent freedom and wealth. The Mayans thought that Freedom and Wealth went hand in hand. I think a lot of today folks would...

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The trombone is a common instrument, but not the most popular. It is usually used a bit as a gimmick. As far as horn instruments, the trumpet is the more popular instrument. Still, the trombone has a place in marching bands, and even in the opera. I think now I will mention something about this brass instrument’s past. The instrument uses slides in order to produce different pitches. The instrument was invented in the 15th century. The name trombone means big trumpet in Italian. Back then, it was known by many names till the word trombone became more commonplace in...

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It seemed like a good a time as any to show you one of my fancy bird drawings. I like designing pretty dresses from time to time. I want to eventually be skilled enough to design fancy dolls. The problem with that idea lies in my lack of sculpting skills. Also, my painting skills are not as sharp as I would like. I have good control over the pencil, but that is just about it. It is all a learning experience. You live and you learn. As for the bird design, the bird is native to the Sinai Peninsula. It...

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This is quite the nice anime drawing of mine. It features a maiden themed after a Hawk Eagle. The eagle is native to the forest in Java, Indonesia. The silly bird is endangered because they like to nest in specific trees. If they were not so pesky about it, they could actually thrive. It is the ability to adapt to new things is what helps a creature thrive. On other news, I got myself a new flower bed. I will talk more about it tomorrow. I wanted to post a little short blog for today. We did some house calls,...

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Today seemed just like any other day. We have been trying out luck a bit in the stock market. So far, we have our entire investment. It is a good thing. Aside from that, I have been making a couple of pouring paintings here and there. I am still waiting on one of those doll retailers to answer back. I need to get myself some less expensive hobbies. It is not as if things are going that well in the world as all. Slowly, I need my stockpile to grow to guard against Fortuna. If you don’t know what that...

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