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It seemed like a good a time as any to show you one of my fancy bird drawings. I like designing pretty dresses from time to time. I want to eventually be skilled enough to design fancy dolls. The problem with that idea lies in my lack of sculpting skills. Also, my painting skills are not as sharp as I would like. I have good control over the pencil, but that is just about it. It is all a learning experience. You live and you learn. As for the bird design, the bird is native to the Sinai Peninsula. It...

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This is quite the nice anime drawing of mine. It features a maiden themed after a Hawk Eagle. The eagle is native to the forest in Java, Indonesia. The silly bird is endangered because they like to nest in specific trees. If they were not so pesky about it, they could actually thrive. It is the ability to adapt to new things is what helps a creature thrive. On other news, I got myself a new flower bed. I will talk more about it tomorrow. I wanted to post a little short blog for today. We did some house calls,...

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This is a nice anime drawing of mine. It features a maiden with a dress akin to the Northern Goshawk. I also added the same colors to the facial makeup. The goshawk is a type of Raptor. During the middle ages, only the nobles were able to own these type of falcons. This bird lives in the temperate zones of the Northern Hemisphere. The goshawk mainly likes to eat doves and pigeons. The silly birds can live up to 27 years. I think this is enough information on the pretty bird. I chose to design the dress on the bird...

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Today seemed like a good a time as any to write about this little drawing of mine. It features a maiden dressed like a Green Pheasant. The silly bird is endemic to Japan. It is also its national bird, and for good reason. Just look at those pretty colors. Unlike a lot of other national birds, this one is doing just fine. It is a bit of an omnivore, eating a large mix of seeds, and also meat as well. The bird is known to crossbreed with other pheasants. This non picky attitude of it has helped it survive. The...

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This is another one of my fashion drawings based on pretty birds. The one for today is the Palestinian Sunbird. I am almost done with the silly bird collection. In the future, I might tackle other creatures ,like the colorful Jellyfishes. This is something for you folks to look forward to. Anyhow, the bird is pretty common in the Middle East. They like to eat nectar from flowers, like the hummingbird. The only difference is that they prefer to perch on branches to eat. The birds also eats insects. The males tend to have black feathers that shimmer with a...

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