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Today, I got around to changing up a bit the dresses of my dolls. For now, I decided to focus on my Doll Chateau Ashley. I dressed her up in the dress that came with my kitty cat doll.   The wiggle room of the dress allowed it to be a perfect fit for my Ashley doll.   The thing that followed was setting up the background. I think it looks a little bit more varied.   I need to get a little bit more props.   As part of a gimmick, I also took photos of the doll focusing...

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Today, I did a bjd doll photoshoot. It features my smallest doll in many different outfits. The doll was made by Ringdoll. I wasn’t certain what type of background I wanted to go for. I ended up making two small sets for the photoshoot.   Since she is a small doll, it is pretty easy to set up the background elements. The first set features checkerboard background.   The other is themed after a library. I had a few miniature books in the mix, as well as a novelty sharpener that resembled a typewriter.   As far as the dresses,...

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This is a little photoshoot featuring my 3 Dream Valley bjd dolls. My tallest bjd doll is a Dream Valley Elf. I have been thinking of getting some new Dream Valley dolls. I am waiting to see if there is a cool new design that I like.   I was going to get a jellyfish doll, but I changed my mind in the end. I am going through a bit of an austerity period.   I want my stack to increase for no particular reason. The only new doll that I am waiting for is a Doll Chateau Satyr doll....

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This is the first part of my Odette photoshoot. I got her a new red dress and I wanted to take some cute photos of the doll. You already know the drill.   I dress my doll in cute little outfits and then I take photos. I try to keep them all tasteful.   I also do not like to repeat the themes. The red dress ended up looking pretty amassing.   It has a bit of a snake like pattern. The coat also works well for the dolly.   The second half of the photoshoot will feature my doll...

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Today, I did a little photoshoot of my vampire doll Candice. She is wearing the historical jammies she came with. Even her undergarments are Victorian. Vampires seem like a Victorian era type of deal.   When one pictures a vampire, the fashion that comes to mind is from the Victorian era.   Then again, the woman outfits of those times looked pretty amassing. Even today, a lot of maidens still wear outfits that resemble those gowns.   It is just one of those things that never goes out of style, like 80s. As for me, I only bother to wear...

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