Anime Girl Playing the Trombone

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Anime Girl Playing the Trombone

The trombone is a common instrument, but not the most popular. It is usually used a bit as a gimmick. As far as horn instruments, the trumpet is the more popular instrument.

Still, the trombone has a place in marching bands, and even in the opera. I think now I will mention something about this brass instrument’s past. The instrument uses slides in order to produce different pitches.

The instrument was invented in the 15th century. The name trombone means big trumpet in Italian. Back then, it was known by many names till the word trombone became more commonplace in Europe.

It was used in the Italian courts. In the 17th century, a couple of composers wrote music for the trombone. The most famous of these composers was Bach. He wrote for the trombone from time to time.

The trombone enjoyed a revival during the Jazz era. These days it is still in circulation. It appears most often in marching bands, and in Jazz bands. I hope you find this information about the trombone amusing.

The drawing itself was made with those ever trusting coloring pencils. The pens also help to give structure to the drawings. The day has been progressing rather nicely. I hope you this simple drawing of mine entertaining.

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