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Today, I wanted to do a nice gardening blog. My papaya tree seems to be doing well. It is amassing what a bit of paper towel will do for a plant. I put it around the fruits in order to keep them safe from the bugs. As of now, I have harvested everything from one of my female papaya trees. The other one still seems to be inspired. This is a good thing. To preserve the harvested fruits, I have frozen them refrigerator. In order to make the smoothie, I just add a bit of orange juice for flavor. The...

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Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about my gardening progress. We bought some new bell pepper plants. I also got three new tomato plants. The highlight of this little blog are my Papayas trees. We got them as 3 little saplings. They ended up growing rather big. In order to help the fertilization we planted the Papayas in a way that it forms a triangle. The one that ended up growing first was the male Papaya plant. The other ones then decided to become female. This ended up as the best scenario. This plants are starting to draw...

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My mom bought me a puppy for my birthday. I named him Ace, like Batman’s dog. He is a Jack Russell Terrier. A friend of my mother had a littler of 5 puppies. By the time I went to pick the dog, they were down to just 2. The other ones had been adopted. The brothers were pretty similar. I took the smallest one. He is a pretty calm puppy. He doesn’t bark, but he does bite. I have his chew toy always nearby. This keeps him from biting my laptop. On the first night, he was able to sleep...

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I finally got around to finishing another book. For the time being, I am in the editing progress. I am also formulating a new type of book or something. I bought myself a new video game. It will be useful for unwinding for a bit. It is fun to play games from time to time. I wonder if Silksong is ever going to come out. It feels like it is never going to be out. Oh! Well…it has been a pretty long year. I also feel half asleep. I need to get around to drawing a little bit more. Other...

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I took a long vacation from everything. My family went down to Key West to soak in the pool for a bit. In Key West, it seems like life has returned to normal. While there, we also visited two museums. The first one was the Museum of Hemingway. I think the place is not properly named. The museum focuses on his cats. According to the curator, the museum was founded under the express written consent that they would look after Hemingway’s cat family.   Hemingway could only write when his cats where around. So, throughout the museum I saw a...

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