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Tanabata has become of a little family tradition. Brother person got into celebrating Tanabata with his girlfriend. I ended up joining in the fun, along with my mother. For those not up to date with the fun, Tanabata is known as the Star Festival in Japan. The celestial deities Orihime and Hikoboshi are together at last. They are only allowed to meet up once per year, on the seventh day, of the seventh month of the lunar Calendar. Since the Gods are in a good mood, the folks in Japan take this chance to ask for a bunch of stuff....

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It was very late at night. It was then when I noticed this cool looking butterfly. This butterfly usually wanders about really quickly. As such, it was rare to see it standing still. I took this chance to feed the mosquitoes and take a nice photo. I used the flash to take the photo. I had to inch closer, and closer in order to take a clear photo. My flash has a range issue. You can sort of see the darkness behind it. This is also the time when the snakes go out and play. So, I was like on...

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The Summer has finally arrived to South Florida. I have gotten into the habit of doing a monthly report on the plants. A good portion have gone the way of the dodo. It is all a learning experience. I am still struggling with the pumpkins. I have managed to get them to bloom. All I need now is to get a single pumpkin to start growing. All I want is at least one pumpkin. If the pumpkin crop turns out to be a failure, I will plant instead bell peppers. I have a lot of bell pepper seeds. I have...

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Today, we spent the time working in the garden a bit. I only went indoors just now because of the dizziness. It is like super-hot in South Florida. It is enough to melt one’s brains. Anyhow, I saw this butterfly on my new sunflower and so I took a photo. Sunflowers are just precious. I have a couple of new saplings sprouting here, and there. Soon, I might have new tomato plants. When a tomato gets ruined by the birds the hawks missed, I usually just cut it on half and burry it in the dirt. Give it enough time,...

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Mother recently got her tax refund. With a small portion of it, we decided to give the front garden a bit of an upgrade. Most of the plants were bug infested or just plain dead. It was time for a change. Anyhow, mom was making most of the decisions of the front garden. I usually mess around the vegetable patch. It is a bit of a chaotic mess, but it produces tomatoes so no one cares. While shopping around a bit, I saw the prettiest rose there ever was. I decided that the garden needed a new rose. One of...

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