Beautiful Flowers: Roses and Other Cuties

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Beautiful Flowers: Roses and Other Cuties

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Today, I wanted to write a little short blog about flowers. It doesn’t matter where I go.

 artsy sister, beautiful flowers, nature

If I see a flower, I am compelled to photograph it. I didn’t see too many flowers variety when I was down in Mexico.

 artsy sister, cute flowers, gardening

There were a few interesting ones here and there.

 artsy sister, gardening flowers, cute flowers

The entrance to Xcaret also had an interesting looking flower bowl. All in all, I didn’t photograph that many flowers.

 artsy sister, cute flowers, gardening

I suppose that the summer heat did a number on the flowers.

 artsy sister, cute roses, red flowers

The place was practically boiling in some places, like the Mayan Pyramids of Chichen Itza.

 artsy sister, cute flowers, gardening

When I returned home, I was delighted to see that my roses had bloomed while I was away.

 artsy sister, cute flowers, gardening

It seems like the house missed my absence. It has been raining a lot as of lately in Florida.

 artsy sister, flowers, gardening

This saves me the trouble of watering the plants. When we travel, we always take care to turn off the water.

 artsy sister, close up of sunflower, sunflower photos

We do this to avoid any flooding. If a pipe breaks while we are away, the house will get completely ruined.

 artsy sister, rose bouquet, gardening

So, we turn off the water as a bit of a precaution. Well, I am not going to bore you with that nonsense.

 artsy sister, orange sunflowers, gardening

We are here to look at flowers. I added a bit of fertilizer to my flowers before heading out.

 artsy sister, pink flowers, gardening

It is always important to overfeed your plants during the raining season. This assures that they grow big and strong.

 artsy sister, cute gardening, beautiful flowers

I do not have much of a variety as of lately. I have been focusing on growing Papayas from seeds.

 artsy sister, gardening, flowers

Only the male trees have bothered to produce flowers. I am still waiting on the female trees to produce flowers that will eventually become papayas.

 artsy sister, gardening, flowers

In any case, I hope that you find my flower and gardening rants amusing.

 artsy sister, gardening flowers, gardening

If I see any interesting flowers, I will make certain to show them to you.

 artsy sister, flowers, cute

On the meantime, I hope that you have a nice day.

 artsy sister, flowers, gardening

My name is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, bye and God bless.

 artsy sister, gardening, flowers

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