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The year is like almost over. It is nice to think that things will go well next year, but I don’t think so. If you can’t rely on the world to bring you happiness, then you must look within. Human is the only known animal that can amuse itself with absolutely nothing. The realm of the mind alone, can provide a fellow with the peace they so desperately seek. In order for one to be truly happy, a person must isolate themselves mentally from the problems of the world. Yes, everything is on fire, and there is nothing you can...

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I was like super bored around the edges. I have been practicing with clay sculpting a bit. It was then when I decided to try to make some Hollow Knight characters. I was going to make a couple of more stuff, but my free time ended. As such, I ended up making just Hornet and Master Grimm. I used plasticine to make the little figurines. I was like looking for Hollow Knight related figurines. Since I could not find any, I was like I will make my own, for my amusement. I had a silly doll video idea with the...

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This is a collection of stuff I made. I had some clay I bought years ago lying around. I recently got around to working with it. I hope you find these items somewhat entertaining. I have not worked with clay since I was 12 years old. I used to amuse myself a lot with the clay back in Cuba. My grandma used to provide a lot of natural clay for me to play with. Whenever I finished with the clay, I would store it in the refrigerator. This would help it retain its moisture. I never did make something that...

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