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  I was exercising, and then I came up with this stop motion video. I thought it would be funny if the dolls worked out. En este video, hay muchas tonterías. Las muñecas intentan dormir. Otro juega a la lotería. Este video muestra la linda vida de las muñecas. Espero que te haga sonreír y reír.   Estaba haciendo ejercicio y luego pensé que haría un video divertido. El video casi parodia esos videos de ejercicios   

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In this stop motion, I did a little car animation. I also did a bit of paper craft to simulate the front of the car. En este video, las muñecas articuladas juegan. Los juegos que juegan son tic tac toe, un juego de nintendo, Entre nosotros, pulso y otros juegos. Encontré un coche pequeño en el patio. Esto me inspiró a hacer este video de muñecas.  

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In this video, Odette joins Doll Theater. She gets an invitation and everything. She also gets a tour of Doll Theater from Bebe.  La muñeca Odette consigue un trabajo en el teatro. No a trabajado desde el 2019, so esta nerviosa.

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I was like super bored around the edges. I have been practicing with clay sculpting a bit. It was then when I decided to try to make some Hollow Knight characters. I was going to make a couple of more stuff, but my free time ended. As such, I ended up making just Hornet and Master Grimm. I used plasticine to make the little figurines. I was like looking for Hollow Knight related figurines. Since I could not find any, I was like I will make my own, for my amusement. I had a silly doll video idea with the...

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This is another one of my silly stop motion videos. This one features a butchering of one of my favorite songs. I first heard Holy Diver on Guitar Hero. That was back during the days when the Playstation published good games. Anyhow, I sang the music for this video. I only used the first take. I thought it would make it more amusing. I have been thinking of translating some of my funny bjd stop motion videos. I mean, I know Spanish. I might as well use my other language for something. Use it or lose it, I suppose. Anyhow,...

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