My BJD Dolls with Some of the Clay Props I made

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My BJD Dolls with Some of the Clay Props I made

The year is like almost over. It is nice to think that things will go well next year, but I don’t think so.

If you can’t rely on the world to bring you happiness, then you must look within. Human is the only known animal that can amuse itself with absolutely nothing.

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The realm of the mind alone, can provide a fellow with the peace they so desperately seek.

In order for one to be truly happy, a person must isolate themselves mentally from the problems of the world.

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Yes, everything is on fire, and there is nothing you can do about it. For every person that tries to calm things down, there is like a million other fellows adding wood to the fire.

This brings me to my little clay projects. Lately, even drawing doesn’t bring me any joy. Since I have been growing wearing of drawing and writing, I decided to sculpt instead.

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I made some silly little props for my dolls. They are not the best of props, but at least they were made by my two hands. When I was wee small, I used to like sculpting a lot.

The refrigerator always had clay or plasticine inside in pristine condition for me to mold. I though that by working with it, I would revive a dead skill that I had somewhat developed as a small child.

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I am not one to ruminate in the path, so I won’t elaborate anymore in that department. Anyhow, the main props I choose where musical instruments, and swords.

I never did quite have the patience to learn music, and I always had an affinity for swords. My grandma always slept with a machete by her bedside. So, I follow in suit by having a katana by my window.

artsy sister, bjd doll, music instrument

Before I was a doll girl, I was a sword maiden. I am now more into dolls, but who knows how long that will last. For now, everything is all well and good as far as dollies are concerned.

artsy sister, bjd doll, music instrument

I have already planned the next doll video. The year is almost over, so I might do a countdown or something.

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It might be fun to do with stop motion. I suppose I should start removing the Christmas themed nonsense.

artsy sister, bjd doll, ocarina

My family usually keeps the decorations till the new year. Once the new year comes, then the Christmas tree is going to be put away. I think it came out rather nicely.

It serves as a good background item for Doll Theater. I should get around to making more complicated backgrounds. Till them, the curtain will be the main background prop.

artsy sister, bjd doll sword, sword prop

I hope things are going well on your end. If you find my ramblings amusing, don’t forget that Artsy Sister is an affiliate store.

With the purchase of the cheapest item, you can help me put plastic food in my dolls’ table. So, bye, bye, and God bless.

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