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I was down in the Florida Keys with my family. I was itching to eat a bit of ice cream. So, I went into this shop. It was near our parking spot. I do not like to eat food while standing, for so convenience’s sake I gave this shop a chance. The first thing I noticed was the smell of freshly baked cookies. The cookies where quite big, and they came in a decent variety of flavors. I came in there for the ice cream, so that is what I went to look at. I liked that they had Dulce...

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This week I went with my family to Key West. We needed to unwind, and the hotel we like was 40 percent off. Once we settled down, we drove to Duval Street. The parking situation is somewhat peculiar, but manageable. If you know how to parallel park, then you won’t have a problem. Remember your three points. You are going to need them when you accidently hit the car that is parked behind you. As far as public transportation, there is the regular bus, a train and a trolley. All cost money. When we went to ride the trolley, we...

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At the last moment, we got an offer to stay at this resort for one night for 200 bucks. It seemed like too much of a sweet deal to pass up, so we drove down to Islamorada. We had already been there before, so there aren’t that many new things for me to tell you about. This time they gave us a room with a door that closed. So, that was an improvement from the last visit. We spent the entire time in the pool. There was a floater that someone had left behind.   We used it for a...

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I went on a mini vacation with my family. While on that vacation, we ate at the Seafood Feast Buffet in Islamorada. We had heard that this Buffet had a good dessert, so we decided to check it out. It is perfect for those who want to eat a large variety of seafood. For the three of us, we ended up spending 120 bucks. Then again, almost all the restaurant in Florida cost 100 bucks these days. I am not going to bore you with our financial woes.   You came here to read about food and read about food...

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Last Sunday, I visited The Theater of the Sea with my family. We got the tickets online. We had nothing better to do during our mini vacation. We always drive by there, on our way to Wahoo Bar and Grill. In order to quench our curiosity, we bought tickets to that Theater. Despite its name, the Theater is like an aquarium and a nature preserve. They rescue and rehabilitate animals before returning them to the wild. The shows work on a rotation cycle. We spent 30 bucks to enter the Theater. It was a fair price. We arrived there around...

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