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Last Sunday, I visited The Theater of the Sea with my family. We got the tickets online. We had nothing better to do during our mini vacation. We always drive by there, on our way to Wahoo Bar and Grill. In order to quench our curiosity, we bought tickets to that Theater. Despite its name, the Theater is like an aquarium and a nature preserve. They rescue and rehabilitate animals before returning them to the wild. The shows work on a rotation cycle. We spent 30 bucks to enter the Theater. It was a fair price. We arrived there around...

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On Saturday, I drove down with my family to the Chesapeake Beach Resort. We often drive by there on our way to Key West. Since we wanted to explore a new location, we decided to stay there for two days. We rented one bedroom, with two beds. The two-day stay was only worth 980 bucks. It seemed like a pretty good deal for a room with a view to the ocean. Plus, it was the Memorial Day Weekend. The pool was within walking distance. The only issue I had was with the door. It did not close right.   The...

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Not all sculptures have to be giant in order to be impressive. This one is of the home brew variety. It can easily fit in your living room, or your music room, if you live in a mansion. It is just pretty nice in a trendy sort of fashion. I never did quite get the difference between art and craft. For me, if it looks awesome frame it up. If it is an eye sore, then it belongs in the garbage can. Then again, as a chick I tend to have a preference for things that look visually appealing. I...

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After not giving it much thought, my brother and I decided that we would go back to photoshop. Doing things in the physical world costs a lot of money. If we make a mistake, that is it, as far as the page is concerned. Every time one has to start from scratch, the labor costs go up. It is for this reason that I write all my books on the computer. Writing things on paper just takes too long. In the end, one has to digitize everything. Regardless, all my latest publications are available on the printed format. If you...

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The Florida Keys is one of the few places I have seen were there are a lot of independent stores. There was a single street were there was like 30 different types of stores. The rest were just art stores. Everyone couple of steps there was a fellow peddling goods. This was one of the few places were I wanted to buy everything I saw. It is a good thing we live in a little bit of a budget. Even if I came into some money I would keep my purchases under control. There is no need to hoard up...

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