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  Today we went out to eat for Thanksgiving. We did that instead of buying making a big family dinner.   As long as you are with your family, it doesn’t matter if you eat at home or abroad. The Texas de Brazil we went to was in Dadeland Mall.   We made a reservation to make certain that the restaurant was open. When we arrived to the mall, we started to question ourselves. The place looked like a ghost town. We called the restaurant to make certain that it was indeed open. A waitress told us to park in...

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Today, I wanted to rant about the French Restaurant I visited in Barcelo Maya Palace. You need to make a reservation for it in order to be allowed to enter it. None of the menus have prices. This works fine because we went on an All-inclusive vacation. All the food included. You get free house wine or a soda. My mom and brother tried the house wine. It was pretty good. The waiter was polite and attentive. I have only nice things to say about him. This was a four-course meal. I took a photograph of the menu. Now, that...

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(Lobby) Today, I got back from Mexico. We had been planning this vacation for the last two months. My brother got lucky in the stock market. This gave us enough to go on a vacation. It had been ages since we had traveled outside of the country. I think the last time we visited Mexico was 6 years ago. With the pandemic restrictions lifting, we thought it was a good a time as any to travel. We used Risa Travel in order to plan our vacation. After speaking to a representative, we chose the Barcelo in Cancun.   We had...

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This weekend I went to the Cheesecake Factory. I had a free cheesecake, so that was the main reason for the visit. We had also gone to the mall to return few outfits and to get mother a new dress. Once we got that out of the way, we went to eat food. We started with the breads. They were super yummy and fresh. I am a picky bread eater. The bread has to be really good for me to rant about it. For our main course, we had the cheeseburger sliders, the house salad, the avocado rolls and the...

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Last weekend, we ate at Cantina Catrina. We always pass by that restaurant whenever we go out shopping. After reading the menu, we finally got curious enough to go eat at this Mexican restaurant. The first thing worth mentioning is the look of the place. It is themed after Dia de Los Muertos. It has a lot of fun skull decorations. In the front of the store, there is a statue of Catrina’s ghost, welcoming you to her Cantina. Her skull form has a bit of a Frida Kahlo vibe. I would imagine that this is what Frida looks like...

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