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I was down in Key West when I saw this cool looking Maritime Museum. I was on vacation with my family, and we were looking for something educational to do. The entrance of the Museum alone provides a few interesting things to look at. The willow trees are impressive. There is also a chicken family hiding inside one of the bushes. You can hear the sound of the little chicks chirping. It is really cute. I took a photograph of the current admission costs. You can pay with a credit card, which is ideal for people who live off points....

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I was down in the Florida Keys with my family. I was itching to eat a bit of ice cream. So, I went into this shop. It was near our parking spot. I do not like to eat food while standing, for so convenience’s sake I gave this shop a chance. The first thing I noticed was the smell of freshly baked cookies. The cookies where quite big, and they came in a decent variety of flavors. I came in there for the ice cream, so that is what I went to look at. I liked that they had Dulce...

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A few days ago, I went with my family to the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. We had not visited the place since January 2021. In my first visit, I made a video about the Butterfly Conservatory.   This time I wanted to make a in depth blog about the place. I express myself better in writing. The Conservatory has two parts. It has the gift shop and the butterfly preserve. The gift shop went ham with the Christmas decorations. It was pretty cool! Unlike the first time I visited, the place was full of costumers. Parents kept coming...

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This week I went with my family to Key West. We needed to unwind, and the hotel we like was 40 percent off. Once we settled down, we drove to Duval Street. The parking situation is somewhat peculiar, but manageable. If you know how to parallel park, then you won’t have a problem. Remember your three points. You are going to need them when you accidently hit the car that is parked behind you. As far as public transportation, there is the regular bus, a train and a trolley. All cost money. When we went to ride the trolley, we...

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During my trip to Islamorada, I took a decent number of photos of tropical flowers. Some were native, others were planted by the owners of the establishments. Orchids seem to grow well in that location. Then again, it has been raining a lot. Rain and heat work well for orchids.   Aside from photographing orchids, I also took care to look at other pretty plants. I always find soothing to look at flowers.   The one thing that I do not like are bees. I have yet to be bitten by a bee. I want to avoid having that experience....

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