Duval Street, Key West Tourism

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Duval Street, Key West Tourism

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This week I went with my family to Key West. We needed to unwind, and the hotel we like was 40 percent off.

Once we settled down, we drove to Duval Street. The parking situation is somewhat peculiar, but manageable.

If you know how to parallel park, then you won’t have a problem. Remember your three points.

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You are going to need them when you accidently hit the car that is parked behind you.

As far as public transportation, there is the regular bus, a train and a trolley. All cost money. When we went to ride the trolley, we had to pay 40 bucks.

The train was just as expensive. So, we decided to go on foot like animals. Both venues are technically tours of the city.

 duval street, tourism, artsy sister

So, if you have money to burn, I recommend the trolley and the train for you. There is also a place to rent bicycles and motorcycles.

A lot of tourists were opting to ride a bike, everywhere. The traffic there is pretty slow due to the constant movement of the bicycles.

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So, if you are looking for parking drive carefully. You do not want to accidently run over someone.

The Duval Street doesn’t have bumps in the road, though some of the parking spots are littered with rocks.

 duval street, key west, artsy sister

If you make it to the 80 Miles to Cuba Post, you will notice that the sea has risen a lot.

Only residents that have visited there often can attest to the fact that Florida is either sinking, or the sea level is rising.

Then again, there was a King Tide even happening when we went down to Key West.

If you visit Duval Street on the Weekends, you are going to see a lot of tourists. Since we went on a weekday, we had the place pretty much to ourselves.

artsy sister, tourism, duval street

As you walk among the buildings, you get a decent ocean breeze. It has the perfect weather for window shopping.

If you play Pokemon Go, Duval Street has plenty of pokestops and gyms. You also get a spawning of a decent amount of Water Pokemon.

On certain dates, Duval Street is home to Parades. We went to one a couple of years ago with some friends. The parade was Halloween Themed.

Duval Street is littered with Art Galleries, Restaurants, Bars and Street Vendors. Most of the Art Galleries do not let you take photos, which is a pity.

 artsy sister, duval street, key west

So, keep that in mind, when you are roaming about such venues. You do not want to anger a struggling artist.

There are some museums here and there within Duval Street or nearby. From there, you can easily make it to all the fun Venues that Key West has to offer.

Now, it is time to talk about my particular adventure. On the first day, we parked on the north part of the Duval Street.

From there, we were able to visit a Naval Museum. I will rant more about it in a different blog.

 artsy sister, tourism, key west

The next day we went to the Southernmost Part of Duval Street. The Butterfly Preserve always has parking.

You can stay there for the entire day, if you pay 20 bucks. We visited the preserve and then we started walking towards the North.

IT was noon. So, the sun winter Sun was backing my brains. We entered a few Art Galleries in order to window show.

 artsy sister, duval street, art gallery

Most of the stuff we bought was at the Butterfly Preserve. I am going to rant about that place later.

We eventually had to make a rest stop at a random restaurant. It had been a while since I had walked a lot.

Once we recovered energies, we walked back to the car. It wasn’t the most exiting adventure, but it sufficed for three boring individuals.

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So, if you are a fan of art galleries, museums, butterflies and window shopping, Duval Street is the place for you to visit.

I hope this blog gives you a general idea as to what to expect when you visit Duval Street. This is the Artsy Sister. Bye, bye and God bless.    

 artsy sister, tourism, duval street

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