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I recently felt like doing some pouring paintings. I was so happy to try that artform again, that I also did a few video tutorials. I wanted to show the voices in my head that I knew how to do pouring painting properly. I did about 7 videos. I actually made more paintings than videos. During the last video, my camera almost suffered an accident. I decided that recording pouring paintings was a little too dangerous for my camera. I then decided to not record the other 5 paintings that I made.   You get the gist of the pouring...

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I made two new Youtube videos. They chronicle my progress with the gardening nonsense and with my arty progress as well. I feel like an old fart around the edges. I wish folks would speak to me in a normal language, that I can understand. I never did bother to learn texting language. It is always people wanting me to adapt to their nonsense, but nobody has ever put an effort to accommodate me. The overall point of this rant, is that I wish folks would talk to me clearly, and with no Jargon or euphemism. Anyhow, I hope you...

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This is just a small series of art videos as all. I was not in a mood for segmenting them. They are all art videos I hope you find entertaining.           

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  This is another art video I made years ago. It focuses on the works of Thomas Gainsborough. He made the Blue Boy and other fancy portraits. He is from the Rococo period. Aside from the paintings, this video features some flowers opening. I thought it would be a nice decoration and whatnot. I did not want to repeat the flavors of my art videos. It sure has been quite a while indeed. 

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