Pouring Painting and Video Tutorials

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Pouring Painting and Video Tutorials

I recently felt like doing some pouring paintings. I was so happy to try that artform again, that I also did a few video tutorials.

I wanted to show the voices in my head that I knew how to do pouring painting properly. I did about 7 videos.

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I actually made more paintings than videos. During the last video, my camera almost suffered an accident.

I decided that recording pouring paintings was a little too dangerous for my camera. I then decided to not record the other 5 paintings that I made.

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You get the gist of the pouring techniques by watching the videos. The rest is just changing up the recipe, and messing around a bit.

There is a certain element of randomness to the entire pouring painting progress. I am never certain about how the final result will look. Sometimes it comes out great.

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Other times, not so much. It is all a learning experience. Of all the modern forms of painting, pouring painting is at least the most relaxing. You do not need to think a lot. You just follow your whims.

There is a good chance you will come up with something decent. The pouring mediums I use are mainly glue based. It delivers a nice paint consistency. The trick I use is to prepare the paints, with the ideal consistency beforehand.

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I use empty ketchup bottles. I then mixed the pouring mediums with the paints till it had the consistency I am looking for. To create cells, I added a few droplets of Silicone oil.

Since it is oil, I usually shake the paint mix well, before starting another painting. Otherwise, all the oil sets on top of the paint bottle. I tend to use both professional and student grade paints.

With Student Grade paints, you need more paint to tint the acrylic medium. With professional heavy body paints, you simply need just a dad of paint. I am running a bit of a shoe string operation.

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Even with a slight increase in my budget, I am hesitant about wasting paint. It is for this reason that I put a lot of thought into my acrylics painting.

As a final gambit, I suggest you wait about two days before applying Varnish to your paintings. The ventilator also helps to increase the paint drying time. A lot of folks like using floetrol a lot. For me, it had mixed results.

The paintings came out pretty decent. Still, it was the smell that was a bit of a bother. I had to use a mask to paint. So, if you are a shoe string painter, go look for any other cheap pouring medium.

Floetrol is a bit of a nose irritant. I think this is the time to talk about the paintings themselves. I did about three Dutch pouring paintings. With the last one, I coated the canvas with a black paint and then I did the cup flip.

I added a bit of motion to it as well. I then blew wind into the painting using a little straw. This created plenty of tiny cells. I don’t use a torch, because I am afraid of fire.

I have been afraid of it ever since I burned popcorn as a child. I just don’t get along with the fire element. I am a bit more partial to water. I am also not too fond of the wind. If it gets too windy, I get paranoid.

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I do not know why the wind had such a negative effect on my mood. Maybe it is just a hurricane related phobia. Who knows? The next batch of paintings where done using the puddle pour technique.

It is simple enough around the edges. It doesn’t require much forethought. I chose the colors of the first 7 paintings using an artbook. The book talked about the color wheel, and it showed some possible color combinations.

The following paintings feature the flower pouring technique. Most folks used the back of a soda bottle. Since I did not have a soda bottle in hand, I used some plasticine. I created the petals on the back of a cap, using plasticine.

I then poured the paint through the little holes I had created. In the second painting, I used 3 holes, instead of 5. I think I created quite the nice looking orchid.

This orchid with a green background is a later painting. It does not include a video tutorial. Video making is a little tense sometimes. It doesn’t help much me worrying about the camera recording.

It can only do about 15 minutes at a time. The other painting that has a tutorial is my monochromatic dirty pouring painting. According to the artbook I read, monochrome means one color.

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It is not just black and white. You can just use the color red, along with black and white. I think it came out pretty cool looking. Another one of my single paintings featured the swipe maneuver.

I think I did a video about it. I need to check with my video editor person. My brother has the Adobe Premiere in his computer. He helps me fix the videos by making them faster.

For the most part, each of the paintings took about 10 to 15 minutes. It was a good thing too considering my camera’s limitations. The swipe technique is good for creating lots of cells without using a torch.

I used a paper towel, but I think it might work better with plastic. I just did not have a decent plastic sheet on hand. The other single technique painting in the mix used the wing pouring painting technique.

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It is just like the swirl paintings, but done with the canvas tilted at an angle. This one was done with blue, black and white. I think it came out really cool. Of all the pouring paintings I have made so far, it is one of my favorites.

I think I managed to capture it all on tape as well. So, I am very happy about it. There comes a time when you get tired of cleaning off acrylic paint from your camera.

By the fifth time you clean the camera in 2 days, you start to worry about its future. The final paintings worth mentioning use the swirl pouring technique. I did about three swirl paintings.

Two of them, I got around recording. The blue one came out great. The purple and white one also looks nice. The red and black one looks a bit freaky, but nice as well.

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Aside from the paintings, I am also going to embed the videos. I have about 12 other blank canvases I need to get around to painting. For the time being, enjoy the first batch of pouring paintings that I made.

Hopefully, I will get lucky and create something great, like that nice blue one. I hope this inspirers you to give pouring painting a shot. You can be novice with the brush, and still be able to produce a nice pouring painting.

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It is just a matter of trail and error, and allowing the randomness of it to take over. Well, it is getting late for yours truly, Teresita Blanco the Artsy Sister. I am going to go to sleep. Hopefully, I will dream up the plot of my next book.

I got around to publishing the next volume of the furies. Volume 7 has the Dark Souls parody, which is a lot of fun. I hope you have as much fun reading it, as I had fun drawing and writing it.

Bye, Bye, Good night and God bless. If you find this blog amusing, support my work by getting the cheapest item from this my affiliate store, Artsy Sister.  

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