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Today, I went down to Home Depot to get more plants. It is like the only place for miles to get decent plants for your garden. So, for geographical convenience I go there. Also, lately, I have aversion to visiting new places. Enough crazy talk, the entire point of this short rant was to show you the things I bought there. I also did a little bit of window shopping for flowers. I like looking at the flowers, but I am terrible at taking care of them. I have a better hand with the vegetables. Slowly, I am getting better...

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The shortest month of the year has finally arrived. And with it, a lot of cold and wind. Thankfully, it has not gotten too cold in South Florida. The lowest it has been is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A little lower and then it would have snowed. It would have been a fun novelty, but it would have killed my tomato crop, which is showing some actual progress. Speaking of progress, I wanted to show you how it is going. I made a short video about it and everything. I need to organize a little bit better my Youtube collections. I...

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This is just a little update on the whole Bell Pepper situation. I managed to get one fully red, without anything bad happening in between. The other bell pepper fell off the parent plant. Anyhow, I hope you find both photos amusing. I will see you again tomorrow with more fun videos or photos. Bye, Bye and God bless.  

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I was thinking of what new stuff to post for today. I then decided to show you how the gardening thing is progressing. The flowers looked particularly nice today. The tomatoes and bell peppers were also doing just fine as well. So, then I figured I would show them to you. I am trying out a new type of filming strategy. Mother said I was a little too talkie. I am toning that down a little bit. I want to give you a moment to absorb the nature and the flowers that surround me. Sometimes it is important to be...

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It has finally happened! The tomato vines finally have a decently visible tomatoes. If things continue well, I might become independent of buying Publix tomatoes. A well-cared for tomato plant always increases in value. I suppose most folks do not find tomatoes all that exiting. It is just my ordinary life as all. As far as things that can actually come to pass, I have plenty of reasonable goals. When I was wee small, I wanted normal type of things. Think of the most mundane goals, and there you have it. Being a writer was not even part of the...

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