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A couple of hours ago, Florida had a little Tropical Storm named Eta. The storm first passed by Cuba, which was a good thing. Cuba has tiny mountains. They were useful enough to weaken the Tropical Storm before it came to South Florida. This Tropical Storm did a number on Mexico. I pray that God helps the Mexicans from the Riviera Maya. I like Mexico, and the Mexicans. They don’t let folks mess with them. That is something worth respecting. In any case, Tropical Storm Eta also brought flooding to Florida. I guessed that it could cause problems in South...

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I made two new Youtube videos. They chronicle my progress with the gardening nonsense and with my arty progress as well. I feel like an old fart around the edges. I wish folks would speak to me in a normal language, that I can understand. I never did bother to learn texting language. It is always people wanting me to adapt to their nonsense, but nobody has ever put an effort to accommodate me. The overall point of this rant, is that I wish folks would talk to me clearly, and with no Jargon or euphemism. Anyhow, I hope you...

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Today seemed like a good a time as any to show you my family’s Pilgrim Progress with the raised beds. Now, we are up to two. Both are looking might handsome. Brother person is trying to make one per week. The rains have been favorable. We might just be able to get a good harvest. The bell peppers are starting to show flowers. At least, I think they are bell peppers. The store say they were bell peppers. This time we bought the anti-mosquito plant. I gotta say it works pretty well. You sit right next to it, and it...

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Those who are not familiar with my work might be surprised by this post. Who am I kidding? You folks already know what I am all about. Anyhow, brother person has been taking lowering weight seriously. The dieting not so much. Dieting is hard. This Friday we had pizza. Since he went up three pounds, he took drastic measures. Most folks would throw up, but that is not the healthy way to lose weight quickly. The quickest way to loose weight is to garden. Two hours of shoveling dirt was enough to burn those calories. In order to avoid overheating,...

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It has been a bit of a long time ago since I posted some new floral or bug photos. One of the photos I took was out of focus, which sucks. Still. I wanted to show you all the nice butterflies on top of the pretty dead flower. The garden has gotten plenty of butterflies since I putted up those Mexican Sunflowers. They turned out pretty great, even the one that kept falling to the side. There is one that is also sideways that keeps producing flowers. One of the plants does not inspire much confidence. Still, it is still...

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