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This is just a little update on the whole Bell Pepper situation. I managed to get one fully red, without anything bad happening in between. The other bell pepper fell off the parent plant. Anyhow, I hope you find both photos amusing. I will see you again tomorrow with more fun videos or photos. Bye, Bye and God bless.  

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A couple of hours ago, Florida had a little Tropical Storm named Eta. The storm first passed by Cuba, which was a good thing. Cuba has tiny mountains. They were useful enough to weaken the Tropical Storm before it came to South Florida. This Tropical Storm did a number on Mexico. I pray that God helps the Mexicans from the Riviera Maya. I like Mexico, and the Mexicans. They don’t let folks mess with them. That is something worth respecting. In any case, Tropical Storm Eta also brought flooding to Florida. I guessed that it could cause problems in South...

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