My Flowers Today are Looking Quite Nicely

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My Flowers Today are Looking Quite Nicely

I was thinking of what new stuff to post for today. I then decided to show you how the gardening thing is progressing. The flowers looked particularly nice today. The tomatoes and bell peppers were also doing just fine as well.

So, then I figured I would show them to you. I am trying out a new type of filming strategy. Mother said I was a little too talkie. I am toning that down a little bit. I want to give you a moment to absorb the nature and the flowers that surround me.

Sometimes it is important to be silent, in order to listen and absorb everything that the world has to offer. Even in these circumstances, the world is still a very nice place to live in.

This is assuming that you know where to look, and that you give yourself a moment to step outside your problems. Sometimes you just need a break from everything, or else you break.

Gardening has been very calming in this regards. It is also useful for saving a little bit of money. We no longer need to buy bell peppers. Going from garden to plate is very fun indeed.

More folks should give gardening a shot. Trail and error is all you need to learn how to become a proper gardener. I hope you find these two relaxing little videos amusing, and relaxing. Bye, Bye, and God bless.

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