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I was out in the desert, where I cannot remember my name. The long and short of it is that Monday is back. As of now, I am still trying many things to earn bling, bling for doing what I like. I am not the type of fellow that thrives in a working environment. The issue is that people expects a little brownnosing and I do not do that. In my career, there is also the matter of unpaid labor. The Journalism chumps in the US expects you to work for free. They also want you to give your work...

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This is just another one of my traveling photos. It was taken last summer. Last night, we made it back from the Elton John concert. It was interesting just driving up there. We do not go often to the Adrian Center. We always need to use the GPS to get there. Yesterday, the GPS was not cooperating. We only found out about it later, when I played Pokemon Go with my brother’s cellphone. The Pokemon Go game allows you to visually see the errors of the GPS. It was running around all over the place. He had guided us to...

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I got a little bored of writing about the Florida Keys. Then again, there is not much to say about the place. I decided to go back to Punta Cana. This return is just in photos. I took a lot of pictures when I was there. I took the photos with both the big and small camera. This photo just features one of the many repetitive looking places in this hotel. It was like somebody did copy paste a bunch of times and called it quits. Paying more does nothing to improve your stay. This is just what you would...

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This is the open bar in this hotel in Punta Cana. I do not drink, but this is something that interest the rest of the world. I am not one to deny something to folk who truly enjoy a nice alcohol drink with their meals. This is just about all the booze variety there is available in this hotel. Most of it was rum or something else. There was also plenty of tropical drinks. The fruits there were extra sweet. So, if you have a problem with sweets just keep that in mind. It is not as if they put...

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This is another one of my silly Punta Cana tourism photos. As you can tell in the background, there was a bit of a wedding. I saw the couples and everything and I even crashed the wedding a little. Since we were all wearing white, we sat down in an empty chair and nobody bothered to question us. Mother even danced a little with the fellows in the wedding. It was an interesting experience. I do not know why they make all sorts of movies about wedding crashing. If you are nonchalant about it, you can enter just about every...

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