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I recently bought 3 little dresses for my newest doll Ha Seol. I bought them from the same parent company that made the doll, Dollmore. I also got for her about 4 new wigs. The wigs and the dresses came in a timely fashion. They were all perfect fits. Puttin' on the Ritz.  She has been baptized as Odette. It is the same name as the princess from the Swan Lake.  To decide the look for the new stop motion video, I did a photoshoot. She does the dance breaks after all. I tried different poses in different angles of...

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In this stop motion video, I wanted to parody the shopping experience at any typical supermarket. The milk is usually hidden away so you buy a bunch of other stuff. Even when you only have enough for milk, you get something else whenever you fail to find it. It is done in order not to come back home empty handed. My folks tend to get something unrelated, whenever they fail to find a particular item I wanted. Anyhow, I tried my best with the set. I wanted to convey the feel of a supermarket, with only the stuff I had...

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Lately, I have been thinking of doing relatable bjd comedy skits. I do not know if it is silly or not. I tried to keep the video, vanilla, short and sweet. I like vanilla flavored ice cream a lot. I never ate chocolate ice cream, because chocolate was bad for me when I was wee small. Anyhow, I worked hard with the decoration, and set design a bit. I am always stretching my shoe string budget a lot. My best work was the double sided window set piece. I need to get around to painting a blue sky and ocean...

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