Stop Motion Journalism Interview BJD Parody

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Stop Motion Journalism Interview BJD Parody

Lately, I have been thinking of doing relatable bjd comedy skits. I do not know if it is silly or not. I tried to keep the video, vanilla, short and sweet. I like vanilla flavored ice cream a lot.

I never ate chocolate ice cream, because chocolate was bad for me when I was wee small. Anyhow, I worked hard with the decoration, and set design a bit. I am always stretching my shoe string budget a lot. My best work was the double sided window set piece.

I need to get around to painting a blue sky and ocean in the reverse of my night sky background. Can you believe that Doll Theater is Half a Year Old now. When I say true story, I mean exaggerated truth. All, in all, I don't believe in unpaid internships.

The Japanese Doctors did not believe in it either. In the 50s, they did a protest and everything. Can you imagine that you go through med school, and you have to work for free for years, decades even? Well, there are always going to be employers trying to convince you to give away your work for free.

I was inspired to do this little video when I was in Linkin. I saw a post about some boss people pondering if unpaid internship was unethical. If they have to ask such a question, then those folks do not have any ethics to begin with.

All in all, I hope this silly stop motion doll video inspires you listen to your mother, and go to vocational school. I did not listen to my mother, and now here I am, very prepared, and making stop motion doll videos

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