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I was looking for something new to rant about so I settled on this display stand. All the jewelries shown there look pretty unique. I cannot say if they are valuable not. I simply passed by there and just took a photograph. Most of the time, I do not look at my old photos. I discover a lot of neat things whenever I bother to give a second look. This is one of those things. I just find this stand quite adorable looking. It is important to note that jewelry has more copyright protection that clothing. Clothing can be copied...

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Today has been a bit mellowed out. There was the usual somewhat welcome visitor. So, I was not able to get up to writing till recently. Now, back to the short 2 day trip to St. Augustine. These hanging bottles is another thing that drew my attention. I heard from my brother that such things were common in Southern stores. You won't find a MacDonald in this historical city. Not that I would bother to find one. The last one I ate I think gave me food poisoning. Then again, I did eat before boarding a plane. I recently discovered...

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One has to wonder at the odd things one finds in shops. Its had to imagined that some of these craft items would sell. Still, the lights are still on the shop, so money has to be coming from somewhere. At least the Dog Rules sign is hilarious enough. All in all, this presentation window was by far the most interesting. It is a pity that I visited the shops close to dusk. I frankly prefer not to use the flash. The white light has a way of distorting the colors of the image. Since this is a window image,...

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St. Augustine is the oldest city in the US. It was founded in 1565. It is full of old architecture. It makes you appreciate the colonial buildings. A lot of them look perfect even after 400 years. Modern builders need to take lessons from the past. Most buildings made after the years 1900s have fallen already. A good portion were destroyed by man's hands, but the rest have pretty much fallen on their own.  There has been a disassociation between architects and physicist. Now people who design most buildings focus too much on the look and not whether they are...

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