Dog Rules Bizarre Shop

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Dog Rules Bizarre Shop

One has to wonder at the odd things one finds in shops. Its had to imagined that some of these craft items would sell. Still, the lights are still on the shop, so money has to be coming from somewhere. At least the Dog Rules sign is hilarious enough. All in all, this presentation window was by far the most interesting.

It is a pity that I visited the shops close to dusk. I frankly prefer not to use the flash. The white light has a way of distorting the colors of the image. Since this is a window image, the flash would have bounced off the glass. It would have made this photo very different. Most people just use the flash like crazy, even on the outside.

Flash during the daylight is only useful for bringing into focus someone who is in the shadows, and has a bright background behind. Anyhow, this is another silly photo I took while in St. Augustine. My photography teacher would call this a tourist photo. Then again, most photos taken by travelers tend to be pretty interesting. As long as one has a good camera, tourist photos can be considered artsy.

Then again, what's considered artsy lately is a bit of a mess, with all the cubism and the depressing looking black and white photos. Well, this is just my long winded way of saying that I do not like modern art. When I say modern, I mean what passes for art in galleries right now, at this very second. 

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