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This is a little photoshoot featuring my 3 Dream Valley bjd dolls. My tallest bjd doll is a Dream Valley Elf. I have been thinking of getting some new Dream Valley dolls. I am waiting to see if there is a cool new design that I like.   I was going to get a jellyfish doll, but I changed my mind in the end. I am going through a bit of an austerity period.   I want my stack to increase for no particular reason. The only new doll that I am waiting for is a Doll Chateau Satyr doll....

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To Get the Book: Scary Cat and Birthday Mime - Kindle edition by Blanco, Teresita. Children Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com. This is another one of the raw pages from my Scary Cat book. These days drawing or publishing books is a bit of a hobby. If it is not an item description for a Dark Souls weapon, nobody is interested in reading it. It is interesting to see the way the world is going. Well…books had a pretty good run. I even doubt if you are even reading what I am writing underneath this cute drawing. Sigh…it is hard to...

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Read Book: Scary Cat and Birthday Mime - Kindle edition by Blanco, Teresita. Children Kindle eBooks @ Amazon.com. This is the third book in the Scary Cat series. In the previous volume, Pipa gets invited to a birthday party at a friend's house. Since she is a guest, she doesn't know that the party is going to feature a birthday mime. In this party, Pipa faces her fear of clowns, or in this case her fear of Mimes.Through her meeting with the mime, Pipa learns that clowns or mimes are just normal people who wear makeup. There is no reason...

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I was thinking of what to blog about, and then I thought of Scary Cat. There is a new book coming out. Hopefully, I will get it published before New Year. If not, at least I tried as all. I have already mentioned something about it before. I even made a silly video about it. I included the video in this blog. I have been lately trying out the video blog stuff. I am trying not to repeat themes too much. What is important is to keep it Fresh. The next volume of Scary Cat is about the girl starting...

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I decided to feature a bit some of the best raw pages I made of my “SCARY CAT: AND THE SEARCH FOR THE OOOOHHH” book. Think of them as a bit of a sampler to the rest of the book. If you are interested, you can get it in Amazon in both print and kindle. I even got it translated to Spanish. The featured page is little Filipa traveling on her tricycle. She is going to visit the treehouse of one of her friends. I made the tree and the house with cute Kawaii faces. As for the sun, it...

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