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Today, we spent the time working in the garden a bit. I only went indoors just now because of the dizziness. It is like super-hot in South Florida. It is enough to melt one’s brains. Anyhow, I saw this butterfly on my new sunflower and so I took a photo. Sunflowers are just precious. I have a couple of new saplings sprouting here, and there. Soon, I might have new tomato plants. When a tomato gets ruined by the birds the hawks missed, I usually just cut it on half and burry it in the dirt. Give it enough time,...

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This is about the second blog about Key West. The first one just focused on the Parrot Keys. This one is more about Key West. On the first day, we spent it trying to get to the hotel. The second day when we went home. Before heading back, we explored a bit Key West. It was quite crowded, but the folks were sporting masks. Key West is pretty clean, and there have not been deaths in months. In that place, it almost felt like life had gone back to normal. I wish things were nice again. I have been pondering...

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The other day I got a new bloom of those Mexican Sunflowers. Those tiny seeds were a really good investment. Now the garden has Monarch Butterflies as permanent residents. We have about four. If everything goes well, they will stay in Florida before heading out to Mexico. Their butterfly games are a real joy to watch. They usually cluster together whenever there is a storm about to hit. The flowers in the photo are perfect. They are pointing upward and they have a lot of nectar. They have mainly nectar because the bees do not visit the flowers. The bees...

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Before the thing started, I had planted a bunch of sunflower seeds in the garden. I had gotten a variety pack of them. A lot of them did not make it because of the birds. Overtime, some plants that were not sunflowers started to grow. I need to get around to weeding the new flower patch. In among the weeds, there was a plant I did not recognize. I do not know much about flowers. This is the first house with a garden that I have lived in. I have seen houses with pretty gardens, but none I plant in....

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Today, brother and I added mulch to the garden. I also planted a lavender flower. Before adding the mulch, we removed all the bad weeds around the flowers. Bad weeds were just out of control. We do not believe in chemical controls of bad weeds. It has a very bad smell to it. I think it just harms the main plants as all. The work took longer than I would have liked. I was not able to finish the mulching process. I gave the bags to my brother and he finished the rest. I was like super overheated and I...

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