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Today, I made a nice anime drawing featuring the Sitar instrument. It is a Hindu classical music instrument. It evolved from the tanbur music instruments. It gained popularity during the early reign Mughal Empire (1526-1707). This instrument was often played in the court. It was used in Persian and Hindu melodies. Overtime, it gained its modern shape. The tuning of the instrument varies from school to school. It gained modern popularity thanks to the Beatles. It still gets played outside of India, in World Music. The Sitar is synonymous with 60s music, with hundreds of rock bands making use of...

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I drew this a week ago. It featured a scene from my book. I am in the process of jazzing it up, in order to publish it. Sure, the writing should speak for itself. However, pictures are worth a 1000 words, as the saying goes. Anyhow, the scene depicts a weird dream of the protagonist. He dreams of all his brothers and sisters. It is a way of keeping in touch with them, like one of those psychic connections. Still, they are separate enough not to feel each other’s pain. Well, I am putting too much though into explaining their...

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