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It seemed like a good a time as any to show you one of my fancy bird drawings. I like designing pretty dresses from time to time. I want to eventually be skilled enough to design fancy dolls. The problem with that idea lies in my lack of sculpting skills. Also, my painting skills are not as sharp as I would like. I have good control over the pencil, but that is just about it. It is all a learning experience. You live and you learn. As for the bird design, the bird is native to the Sinai Peninsula. It...

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After the first World War, things went peachy with the dresses and the fun. The rationing system forced Americans to save up their money. There was simply nothing to buy in the stores. The dresses got shorter and simpler. This dress is what happened after the war. Maidens were eager to look prim and feminine.  The length of the dress fell down, and pearls and jewelry became the norm. The figure of the maidens also changed a bit. Up until the previous century, the ideal feminine figure was a bit chubby on the side. With the eve of the modern...

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Traveling often allows one to see many strange and wonderful things. Graffiti is one of those things people either love or instantly hate. It is usually the latter, I do not know why. Then again, it depends on where it was done. If you purposely ruin someone's workplace then it would certainly annoy lots of people.  Graffiti tends to be more accepted in other parts of the world. It certainly at least dolls up a place that is falling apart. This is a photo of one I saw while in Colombia. It looks pretty cool, don't you think. The city...

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Choosing poses is always an issue when drawing. If it is a single character, it becomes even more problematic. This Dancer was drawn for the sole purpose of featuring her fancy dress. It features part of the front and the back. The face was turned to show the green earring.  When working with dresses, one has to consider whether shoes are necessary or not. These days lots of dancer go out barefoot. Their outfits tend to resemble odd patterns on bare skin. It is a weak selling point, since ballet does not enjoy general popularity, which is a pity.  It...

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Columbina is a stock character for a comedy opera. These days people only see Perriot. Modern people know him in his current incarnation, the Mime. However, in the old days, he had a girlfriend. He ticked her to death because she cheated on him. Anyhow, This drawing of Columbina was made in three stages.  First I drew her with my pencil. As you can see, the pencil is pretty worn out. I like to get the most out of my pencils. The Pencil belongs to the Royal and Langnickel company. The intensity of the pencil does not matter too much...

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