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After the first World War, things went peachy with the dresses and the fun. The rationing system forced Americans to save up their money. There was simply nothing to buy in the stores. The dresses got shorter and simpler. This dress is what happened after the war. Maidens were eager to look prim and feminine.  The length of the dress fell down, and pearls and jewelry became the norm. The figure of the maidens also changed a bit. Up until the previous century, the ideal feminine figure was a bit chubby on the side. With the eve of the modern...

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A lot of outfits never made it past the print version. There was the issues of decency and all that nonsense. Considering the time period, she would be considered indecent. By today's standard, her outfit if just about average. There were some regional variants with standards.  France after getting rid of the last Napoleon, there was a new sense of liberalism. The France of the 1880s had plenty of religious and social freedom. Foreigners could dress with their proper attires without been accosted in the streets. This is a far cry from today's tense environment.  There is a state of...

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This is going to be an art blog of all the stuff I'm working on and the materials I use.

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