Colombian Graffiti Photo

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Colombian Graffiti Photo

Traveling often allows one to see many strange and wonderful things. Graffiti is one of those things people either love or instantly hate. It is usually the latter, I do not know why. Then again, it depends on where it was done. If you purposely ruin someone's workplace then it would certainly annoy lots of people. 

Graffiti tends to be more accepted in other parts of the world. It certainly at least dolls up a place that is falling apart. This is a photo of one I saw while in Colombia. It looks pretty cool, don't you think. The city Cartagena has a rich history of Colonial rule and piracy. The dual nature of the city is shown well in this graffiti. The crow is just as crow as far as I can tell.

I do not know if this graffiti is still there or not. Most of those artworks tend to be ephemeral, with people erasing them more often than not. All in all, it  certainly gives one much to think about and look at. So, travel about and see what the world has to offer for the inspired artist. 

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