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Well, I think this is just about all I can say about the art mediums I perform. If you have not read the other posts, I am referring to my painting, drawing, books, poetry and my photography works. I also do websites on the side. I have been on the site developing business for more than 8 years. I started with my brother and I have been working with him till now. This is our personal website. He does all the programming stuff, and I do the rest. He has  slowly been teaching me how to use Shopify.  I already...

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Miami Beach is such a great looking place. Pity that it has jerks making decisions about the place. Recently, there was a law that passed that hotels could make beaches private. They own everything piece of beach before them, except for the wet sand. The hilarious thing about it is that you need to get through their wet sand to making it to the beach. There is a hotel in like every square patch of sand. So, now Miami Beach is only for foreigners staying in the hotels, not for the locals. It's a good thing I took plenty of...

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