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Today, I was in a flowery type of mood. Things could be better in my life around the edges. I am praying for someone to get good medical news. I did a Saint Prayer, and a Rosary too. True faith can move mountains, as all. I don’t doubt it. What you believe is none of my business. Other people’s belief should not be big businesses either. It was just like in Medieval Times. You can hurt a person a lot, but you really can’t change the way a person thinks. Belief comes from within, not from without. If it is...

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Today, I was in a photography type of mood. As such, I went outside for like a second to take a photo of my new sunflower. Much to my dismay, the sunflower was still opening. Still, it looks great for being 90 percent almost fully bloomed. From far away, you can appreciate the height of the sunflower. It is almost as tall as the main door. It’s partner is also pretty tall as well. The rains have not been kind. It has been almost two weeks since I saw a drop of water. Yesterday, I went to water the plants....

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The wind has been making a number on the sunflowers. I only have about three that are more or less intact. The rest are a work in progress. They might sprout from the ground any day. If it rains more often I might be able to make some semblance of progress. Yesterday, it did rain a decent amount in the afternoon. I have about a couple of more days to water the plants to get the seeds to germinate. Due to the wind the trees are finally dropping their leaves. It is really annoying. In the end, we just might...

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