Six Fashion Designs Based on Birds

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Six Fashion Designs Based on Birds

It has been a sometime since I drew something that is not black and white. I have been focusing a bit on the website, the book and the manga. When I am not doing anything serious, I work on mother’s diamond painting.

She really likes those sets, but her eyesight is not what it used to. I complete those silly paintings for her. What is important to me is that she smiles. Diamond Paintings are a bit time consuming, but they look great on the wall.

I have been brainstorming a bit some things. I came up with a new book concept idea. As of lately, I am gearing towards smaller, or shorter book series. I am probably not going to make a long book series like Saturnastra for quite a bit.

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I probably will not jump characters. Given some time, I might add to the main series. Then again, I like to keep all my books related to one another, in some way.

Even the ones that do not seem related, have a common thread between them. As for these drawings, they were done with markers, and fineliner pens. I could tell you the marker brand, but they did not want to be part of the magic.

It is an entire petty story behind it. To be safe, I plan to omit product brands from my blogs, except for dolls. Doll people are always happy to get any type of mentions.

I have been thinking of doing a collaboration project with a ball jointed doll brand. I want for my website to get a little bit more famous to pitch the idea. I would elaborate, but I am quite enamored with my idea.

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I think it would be mutually beneficial for us. I am a firm believer in positive sum games. Only mean people prefer negative sum games. Look it up. Lets talk about the drawings.

Beside each one is the name of the silly bird that inspired the drawing. The Hoatzin is a tropical bird found in South America. The bird mainly eats vegetables.

The stomach ferments the vegetable and it causes the bird to have a terrible smell. This is why it is known as a stinkbird. The next drawing worth mentioning features the Scarlet Macaw.

It is a pretty common pet. I have seen one in many different places, and homes as well. They range from Mexico all the way down to the rest of South America. The bird can actually live to 90 years old in captivity.

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So, if you get one, consider it a forever type of pet. The other silly bird is a peacock. I see them often in Florida. When I went to St. Augustine, I saw an albino peacock.

It was really cool. They get around quite nice for being such large birds. The Lilac Roller is another fine bird, with pretty colors. They live in the sub-Sahara. It is the national bird of Kenya, and for good reason.

Just look up one, and see its lovely plumage combination. The blue rock thrust is another fine bird indeed. It has a pretty big range. You can see it all the way from Spain to Japan.

 scarlet macaw, anime drawing, fashion

They mainly like to nest in mountainous areas. The final bird worth mentioning is the Throat Dipper. It is nothing special as far as plumage, but I like the look in his eyes.

To pay homage to the pretty bird, I made this drawing. Well, this is about it as far as my drawings are concerned. The elbow has stopped hurting, and I have not gotten any side effects of the vaccine, aside from what I mentioned in one of my other blogs.

I hope that the second shot doesn’t cause me any harm. It is not as if this is like the first vaccine I have ever taken. When I came to the States, I had to get vaccinated all over again.

The folks in the schools did not believe in the paper I had from Cuba that listed all my vaccine shots. I could go into a conspiracy theory rant, but I don’t want to bog you down.

Thinking about sad things has never helped anyone. Anyhow, I hope these little drawings of mine make you smile. This is Teresita Blanco, the Artsy Sister. Bye, Bye, and God bless.

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