My Strawberries are starting to Come in

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My Strawberries are starting to Come in

My doll is holding the first strawberry that has been born in my garden. Well, it is at least the first strawberry that is big enough to warrant being harvested. It looks real nice, and juicy.

I recently added strawberries to the garden. It is all a work in progress. A couple of tomatoes also came in. They are looking quite handsome indeed. Still, I am mainly more of a tomato person, than a strawberry person.

Still, it is something that we buy every so often. For that reason, I decided to try to grow my own strawberries. Hopefully, I will become independent of the marketplace as far as strawberries are concerned.

In any case, this is like my first big success. I also did a short video showing you how the tomatoes are starting to grow. I hope this short video of my gardening process is amusing. Bye, Bye and God bless.

On a side note, I am like waiting for the ballerina doll to arrive. It is in one of those it is going to get here, when it gets here scenarios.

My latest stop motion bjd doll video ended up being quite funny. I need to come up with more funny little skits. Everything in the world is so serious. Folks need to have a laugh now and then.

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