My February Gardening Progress

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My February Gardening Progress

The shortest month of the year has finally arrived. And with it, a lot of cold and wind. Thankfully, it has not gotten too cold in South Florida.

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The lowest it has been is 50 degrees Fahrenheit. A little lower and then it would have snowed.

It would have been a fun novelty, but it would have killed my tomato crop, which is showing some actual progress.

Speaking of progress, I wanted to show you how it is going. I made a short video about it and everything. I need to organize a little bit better my Youtube collections.

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I have been focusing a lot in dusting off my old Youtube account. Little by little, it will get better. Frankly, I am not counting on Youtube monetization.

I am pretty much aware of how Google likes to roll. They did not become trillionaires by signing checks.

I got that joke from the Simpsons. Bill Gates made a cameo in an episode when he was buying out, or destroying Homer’s website.

artsy sister, tomato vines, gardening

As the saying goes, the Simpsons are usually right about most things. When I am referring to the Simpsons, I refer to the old episodes.

I guess the psychic writer either died, or angered Apollo. For those not familiar with Greek Mythology, Apollo gives humans psychic powers in exchange for something.

Cassandra promised to be Apollo’s wife, in exchange of being seer. When she did not deliver her goods, Apollo cursed her by making people not believe anything she said.

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Anyhow, back to the gardening nonsense. We added some onions and some mint into the new planter. Winter is not the best time to plant anything, but you can struggle on forward with the progress.

The wind has been specially terrible for my the tangled mess that are my tomato vines. I only snip the leaves that are not green.

There might be a caterpillar hiding in there somewhere, but I have yet to find it. At least the bats make a good number on the moths.

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As for the birds, the peregrine falcons tend to take care of them. I feel bad for the pretty birds, but I like falcons a lot.

As for the caterpillars, the lizards are real useful in that department. I think this is about it as far as my nonsense is concerned. I need to get around to finishing my last Saturnastra book.

I may now go work to make the nice stop motion video. It is not going to be too complicated around the edges. I hope you find my nice efforts amusing.

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