Ring Doll Tang Ge Unboxing and First Group Photos

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Ring Doll Tang Ge Unboxing and First Group Photos

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I made a little unboxing video for my Tang Ge doll. I know folks like unboxing videos a lot.

I figured I would provide. I should have made something of a video when Ashley came home.

artsy sister, bjd doll cute, ring doll tang ge

Ashley is my red head Doll Chateau doll. Tang Ge was made by Ring Doll. I ordered the doll from Dolkus. The doll was in stock, but it shipped from its native land China.

artsy sister, tang ge ring doll, ringdoll

Before you get a little crazy with me, remember that we don’t know anything about Ring Doll. So, don’t jump to conclusions about the life of a person that you do not know.

artsy sister, bjd doll, tang ge ring doll

I can’t tell you how many times folks where mean to me in the States because I was born in Cuba. Folks here think that just cause they know where you are from that they know your entire backstory.

artsy sister, bjd doll, ring doll

Then again, as far as being mean to others, bullies of all ages need only an excuse. I guess my bad experiences with humans is part of the reason why I prefer dolls.

artsy sister, fashion doll, bjd dolls

It is not so much the abuse that sucked, but the fact that they got away with it, and they lived happily ever after. Now that I got that unsavory nonsense out of the way, I will now talk about this little doll Tang Ge.

artsy sister, bjd doll, ring doll tang ge

The shipping was like super slow cause it was election year in the States. Whenever there is a Presidential election in the US, the entire world stops to pay attention, when they should mind their own business.

It took a couple of weeks to arrive to the US, and then a month for it to make it to my home. So, in the future, I will not order during a presidential election. Voting by mail just slows downs all deliveries.

artsy sister, fashion doll, witch bjd

If you happen to live in the States, do keep this little experience of mine in mind. Now, about the doll itself. I was feeling a little blue as of lately. For that reason, brother decided to get me another bjd doll.

Ashley was the birthday doll, and Tang Ge is the Christmas doll. I have about 300 bucks or so budget. I had first gone to get it in Fabric Dolls and Friends.

They deal with dolls in the US, but the moment I went to get the doll it had already been sold. There was also a little fox doll I was looking at, but it was also gone too.

artsy sister, ring doll, tang ge

After window shopping online, I eventually went to Dolkus or Dolk. Dolk is a Japanese doll dealer. As with most places, we where like super paranoid about it. It is part of my character trait.

After looking through their catalog, I found the little witch doll. My brother negotiated with them, and then they got in contact with Ring Doll. After paying what was owned, Ring Doll sent me the little doll.

Ring Doll also sent a little photo for verification purposes. After these proceedings where done, then started the waiting game. On Saturday the 7th, the doll finally arrived.

It arrived just before the Hurricane rain started. A little later and the doll would have gotten like super wet. Most of the stuff that gets to my house arrives in late afternoon.

The dolly arrived in the early morning. My folks where watching nonsense on the big TV. Due to noise purposes, I went to the porch to do the little video. When the rain started, I had to move back a little bit.

artsy sister, fashion dolls, bjd dolls

It was then when I realized that a Hurricane was coming. Sometimes it is good to disconnect from everything. The doll video ended up being a little bit fragmented.

It ended up being like six videos. I had a pretty hard time putting on the eyes. The doll also came with eyelashes, but I could not figure out how to put them on. It matters not since the doll looks fine with just her makeup.

Aside from her clothing, the doll also came with a wand and a little key broom. The entire ensembled is such a darling. I am thinking of taking some single and group photos with the other dolls.

I hope you find those photos entertaining. Aside from the Hurricane, there is nothing else of importance happening in my ordinary world. The last book of the Saturnastra series is progressing.

When it is done, I will see if I get around to publishing it. At the moment, we are still working on getting Scary Cat published. We are also changing the format of some of the older books to make them easier to read on the Kindle.

The front cover also needs some reworking. My anime looking front covers where not being taken seriously, so we had to give them something a little more pop, and generic.

artsy sister, bjd doll, fashion doll

Looking at my silly doll, I get a little sad around the edges. Humans are capable of creating such lovely items, and yet look what they choose to do with their time on Earth.

It is such a pity, such a waste of potential. On a side note, I finally came up with a name for the doll. Since her original name is Tang Ge, I shall call her Angela, or Ange for short. 

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